The Streetcar Company

Community theatre in the Lakes Region since 1972

Streetcar Company Board of Directors

President - David Nelson

He's everyone's favorite cheese-butted Donkey, and if you know that reference, you know David.

As a long-time resident of the Lakes Region, David performed in his first Streetcar show in 1981's the Music Man, as well as other shows in his childhood and young adult life. He returned to Streetcar in 2015, as an actor, and has since worn a lot of hats for Streetcar, as a producer, a director, a music director, and has formerly served on the board of directors for many years as its Treasurer.

Vice President - Becky Fredette

Becky has worked with Streetcar since 2017 when she assisted with costumes for Mary Poppins. Becky has worked as a costumer, assisted with props, been stage manager and directed a SKYT show as well as being a board member for the past 3 years as the vice president. She is excited to continue working with the board.

Treasurer - Brendan Berube

Brendan discovered Streetcar through an audition notice for “Wait Until Dark” shortly after moving to Laconia in 2013, and just recently joined the cast of “Wizard of Oz," his sixth show with the company. With no true family in the immediate area, Brendan feels that he has found a family in the friends he met through his involvement with Streetcar, and is happy for the opportunity to give back to this wonderful organization that has given him so much. Along with his work on stage, Brendan’s position as Managing Editor of Salmon Press Newspapers has also enabled him to help publicize Streetcar’s productions in the weekly newspapers around the Big Lake, raising the company’s profile in the local community.

Secretary - Carey Hough

Carey became involved with Streetcar after auditioning for "All Together Now" in the fall of 2021. She had quite a theater history when she was younger and in college, but it had been 21 years since she stepped on the stage. She found many members of Streetcar to be welcoming and has made many wonderful friendships. During the summer she is also the General Manager for the Winnipesaukee Muskrats collegiate developmental baseball team. She is excited to be helping bring up the next generation of Streetcar - with her son Connor recently taking on a role in "Wizard of Oz".

Board Member - Peter Ayer

Peter got involved with Streetcar in or around 1990, his first show was "Lend me a Tenor." Peter has many, many shows in his years with the company. Peter was President in the early 2000's, and is glad to get involved again. A man of many talents, he has been in ensembles of musicals and non-musicals alike. Peter has directed shows for both Streetcar and S.K.Y.T.

Board Member - Ray Feola

Ray first got his feet wet with Streetcar in 2008, and has been involved in both on stage and behind the scenes ever since. During the pandemic Ray helped bring together some online shows such as, "Campfire Stories" and "To All a Goodnight". Ray has been on the board for the last 2 and a half years, and is placing his name in to be considered for a few officer positions this time around. He also looks forward to the future and awaits his chance to direct his first show.

Board Member - Oriana Filiault

Oriana started with Streetcar during the production of "Mystey of Edwin Drood". She has been in musicals and straight plays. Oriana has directed one show and has done costuming for a few. She has previously served on the Board of Directors and was a member of the Streetcar Gilford Old Home Day Committee. She looks forward to serving again and is excited to celebrate the Street Cars' 50th anniversary.

Board Member - Becky Guyer

Becky started with Streetcar 50 years ago and over that time, has served on the Board in several positions (never Treasurer!!) many times. Becky has produced and directed a bunch of different shows (currently directing "Wizard of Oz") and has costumed many, many shows. She owned and operated her own businesses for over 4 decades and is now retired! Married to Bo for the past 44 years, they love working on shows together.

Board Member - Samm Johnson

Samm has been working with Streetcar since the 2019 production of "Shrek: The Musical". Streetcar is her “home base” theater company and she hopes to be working with everyone for as long as she can. One thing she'd love more than anything is to bring the company closer together. She was originally elected to the board in 2020 and served for 2 years. She hopes we can